30 September 2008

Blood & Coffee

"Romeo is bleeding as he gives the man his ticket
And he climbs the balcony at the movies
And he'll die without a whimper
Like every hero's dream
Like an angel with a bullet
And Cagney on the screen..."
- Tom Waits "Romeo Is Bleeding" (1978)

Random Tuesday morning thoughts...
• Tried a new coffee shop on the way to the train station this morning, Intelligentsia. I have to say I was not too impressed. A bitter brew.
• Very happy about the new, later train that I can take into work now. Started last Monday, while I was in Vegas. Now I can leave the house at 6:30am instead of 5:45am - a much more civilized hour. So happy to be back on the bike too.
• Tom Waits amazing song, "Romeo is Bleeding" came up randomly on the iPod this morning and I had to play it thrice. God help me, I love that song. Such a great story, great mood, great music. (The title of which also inspired the half-way decent 1993 movie of the same name starring Gary Oldman.)
KJT - Seattle (2008)


Lara said...

Hey, man!

Wow, really cool tune. I had to listen to it twice.


Lara said...

... and again.

"colorful" Spanish at the end


KJT said...

Nice! Glad you enjoyed it. He can be a bit of an acquired taste... but he is definitely one of the most interesting artists I've ever encountered - truly a mad genius.

cae said...

See, now, when I was grooving on him in the late 80's and early 90's, y'all thought I was some kind of wack-job (and lawd knows I is) and made fun of me, and pushed me down, and stepped on my glasses but now dammit, when I read stuff like this, I feel truly vindicated.

Pardon me but ... ahem: