22 June 2009


Sennet Tiernan Timmermans
Born 6/22/09

11:10am Seattle WA

9lbs 12oz.
22˝ long
9 on the APGAR scale

We went in yesterday afternoon around 4pm. Contractions really started around 2am this morning. By 8am Stacie was pushing in earnest. 11:10 our boy was born.

Mom and the kid are doing great. Dad is greatly relieved.

More later, we're both exhausted. (She much more than me, of course...).

(Also, pix of Stacie and the baby together will come later... she made me promise not to post any of her until she gave her approval of them...)

KJT - Seattle (2009)

Here's a great shot of Stacie & Sennet (and it's Stacie approved!):


Ronda Cherrie said...

Oh Kevin, what a beautiful boy!! You are in for so much fun!!

Elizabeth said...

He's great!!!! Wow! I never cease to be amazed this...Congratulations to the 3 of you

The Bandit said...

He is very handsome! Can't wait to meet the little stud!

Pyzahn said...

OMG! Just the sweetest little fellow. And you, the proud and greatly relieved papa.

Wishing you many, many years of good health and good times. Enjoy fatherhood.

Stephanie WIeland said...

Yeah, congratulations Kevin! Tell Stacie way to go...almost 10 lbs is no easy feat!!

He is gorgeous, too bad I am not having a girl to date him!

Stephanie (and Peter & Finn & Smidgen)

cae said...

man, I'm happy for you but I'm jealous, too. Congrats! Cheers! Woo-hoo!

Cameron said...

Congrats buddy!

He's a cutie-pie, and you'll have a great time getting to know him, and he, you.

amartwick said...

Historic Moment!! Great Job!! Welcome to the world Sennet!! My your life be filled with knowledge and wisdom..may you make your mark on the world!