17 October 2008

Back from a Strange Planet

"You know the good thing about all those executions in Texas? 
Fewer Texans."
- George Carlin, American Comedian (1937-2008)

We've returned from the Outer Limits. Actually, it wasn't all that bad. It was very warm, but not uncomfortably. We had some good beer, some great Mexican food, great Cajun seafood, and relaxed most of the days. It's just that most of the people down there think quite a bit differently than I do.

My in-laws are great and made us feel very welcome. It helps that, unusual for Texas, they share our liberal political views. Made for some good conversation and some observations from the heart of a red state. They also had four dogs and a great view of the lake, so it was a good week. 

Then we went up to see my sister and finally got to see her new house. Had a great time with her also, but far, far too short. Coffee on her back patio, crawfish omelets for breakfast, and some more good conversion. She showed us her collection of guns (4). Needless to say, she and I are on very different career paths.

Now back into the Seattle swing, and swamped at work. C'est la vie.
KJT - Texas (2008)


Lara said...

Did you perchance visit San Antonio?

KJT said...

No, unfortunately. We really wanted to get down to Austin, but didn't make that either. Too little time, too much visiting to be done.