20 January 2009


“Racism is man's gravest threat to man -
the maximum of hatred for a minimum of reason.”

- Abraham J. Heschel, Jewish theologian and philosopher (1907-1972)

"I have a dream that my four little children
will one day live in a nation where they will
not be judged by the color of their skin
but by the content of their character."

- Martin Luther King, Jr., American minister, activist, civil rights leader (1929-1968)

I feel such a sense of hope and history today. 

And I am so, so grateful that my unborn son will grow up in a world where he will think that having a black president is a normal occurrence. 

Perhaps we're really on our way to being one United States - looking past someone's race, or beliefs, or persuasion, and just being color blind... accepting one another and embracing our diversity.

I feel the need to re-state my thoughts on the future
(I originally wrote this on October 30th, 2008,
just days before the election).


In My America...
Equality would be a cornerstone and
diversity celebrated as one of our greatest assets.

In My America...
Race would cease to be an issue, bigotry would disappear,
tolerance would spread.

In My America...
My government wouldn't think of using torture.
Even against terrorists.
It would hold itself to a higher moral standard.

In My America...
People wouldn't fear someone who worships a different god than them. Or no god.

In My America...
People would welcome our brothers and sisters from across the border in Mexico. And not just as day-laborers and dishwashers, but as important and respectable members of the community with the ability, intelligence and cultural beauty to be an integral
part of our nation.

In My America...
The president would utilize evidence-based decision making,
instead of being a knee-jerk reactionist.

In My America...
People would value art, music, and literature
more than money, power, and luxury.

In My America...
Everyone would be at least bi-lingual.

In My America...
More people would ride bikes, busses, and trains.

In My America...
Everyone would have a passport. And use it.

In My America...
The government wouldn't usurp the laws.
It would uphold them.

In My America...
We would value diplomacy over force,
consensus over unilateralism,
and multiculturalism over nationalism.

In My America...
People would remember that this country
was founded as a secular state.

In My America...
Common sense would prevail.

In My America...
People would turn off the TV and read to their kids.

In My America...
The government wouldn't spy on it's own citizens.

In My America...
Teachers would be paid the same as doctors.

In My America...
It would be considered patriotic
to question your government.

In My America...
We would spend as much money
fighting poverty as we do fighting crime.

In My America...
People would realize that we're all in this together,
so we'd better start working with one another
instead of against one another.

In My America...
My black friends and my gay friends and my strange friends and my square friends and my Hispanic friends and my French friends and my German friends and my Spanish friends and my elitist friends and my redneck friends and my Jewish friends and my Muslim friends and my Christian friends and my Hindu friends and my Buddhist friends and my agnostic friends and my atheist friends and my Socialist friends and my Communist friends and my Democrat friends and my Republican friends and my liberal friends and my conservative friends and my centrist friends would all respect each other,
and each other's differences.

Do I think Barack Obama is a panacea that will make all of the above come true? Not on your life. He's a POLITICIAN, so I KNOW he's going to eventually DISAPPOINT me at some point. All Politicians do. Unequivocally - it's the nature of the beast. But I do feel such a profound sense of optimism with his candidacy and truly look forward to his historic presidency. Especially after the feeling of utter despair and bewilderment during the last eight years of the WORST PRESIDENT EVER: good riddance to Bush.

Know hope.

KJT - Seattle (2009)
(Image stolen from CNN.com)

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mighty jo said...

i would like to live in your america--unless of course it was required to eat insane amounts of bacon to gain citizenship...hmmm--would i eat insane amounts of bacon to insure a better tomorrow? interesting.... i think i would have to...yikes. i think ive wandered off the subject. bacon aside, you have wonderful ideals.