02 January 2009

Oh Boy!

"Of all the animals, the boy is the most unmanageable."
- Plato, Classical Greek philosopher, mathematician, writer (428/427 BCE – 348/347 BCE)

Just back from the doctor's... and we are going to have a boy!

Introducing: Sennet Tiernan Timmermans.
Sennet, from the French, meaning wise (pronounced 'senate').
Tiernan, from the Irish, meaning lord, master, regal.
Timmermans, from the Dutch, meaning carpenter.

I'm totally psyched, and truthfully, a bit relieved. I didn't really feel like I was leaning one way or the other in gender preference. But now that we have found out I see that, perhaps subconsciously, I really did want a baby boy. Carry on the family name, and all that hooey...

And from the looks of things, both Stacie and the baby are doing great. Again, another big relief.

The adventure continues...

KJT - Seattle (2009)


CAREY S-H said...

Wow! Congrats!

The Bandit said...


cae said...

Congrats again - I'm one of those "prefer to wait until their born" muthers but I don't begrudge others their opportunity to learn the sex of their baby at the earliest opportunity. Great name - you guys must be absolutely psyched!

KJT said...

Thanks Carey! We miss you!!

Crazy, eh Sara!

Corus, we wanted to know the sex as soon as we found out we were preggers! It's been driving us crazy. It's a surprise whenever you find out!

Lara said...


: )

mighty jo said...

& a very proud baby boy from the looks of it.... congratulations. i wanted girls--until i had boys! & your opening quote is quite apt from my experience. boys are a blast!

Cameron said...

Congrats laddie!