07 June 2008

We Are Not So Dashing

"Certain people, of whom I am one, thrive in an atmosphere of uncertainty. It is not that we have the gambler's spirit, that we challenge chance for the sake of the game. We are not so dashing. If we take risks, we take them because we are lazy. We delegate our responsibilities to fate. In any situation, the more you are obliged to leave to chance, the less you are obliged to do yourself. Being for the most part inefficient, incapable of foresight, and rather irresponsible, we like best those situations in which a great deal has to be left to chance."
- Peter Fleming "Brazilian Adventure" (1933)

KJT - Prague, Czech Republic (2005)

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Anonymous said...

i try and i try to build up my life's credit balance but always seem to continue increasing the debt column. this excerpt feels "apropos" to my state of mind.