30 June 2008

Crazy from the Heat

"What dreadful hot weather we have!
It keeps me in a continual state of inelegance."
- Jane Austen, English writer (1775-1817)

UPDATE: 1:38pm
Today at work our air conditioning is not working. So that means it's hotter inside the building than outside. Good stuff. We went for a lunch bike ride and it was great weather, right around 80 degrees. Now we are sitting here sweltering & sweating and trying to get some work done (or some blogginess). Ugh.


I know exactly how she feels. Two straight days of record high temps in Seattle, and I'm wilting like limp asparagas and sweating like I have a faucet in my head. Now, I realize it's only in the low 90's, but that is still way over the seasonal temp for this part of the country - and most of us don't have AC out here. Wouldn't need it but a couple days a year. That's one reason I chose to stay out here when I moved from Colorado back in 1996. I didn't miss the 100+ degree summers at all. Nice, balmy 75-80 degree days and blue skies are perfect for me. (I get crabby if it climbs over 85 degrees). It was nice to have it fall on a weekend though - I should have gone swimming. 
KJT - Seattle (2008)
Photo Sunset in Salisbury, England (1996)


Lara said...

Interesting that your picture is from England, since this post reminds me of my days in England, summers without air conditioning. The windows didn't have screens and there were these tiny creatures called wheat bugs flying about -- so if you had your windows open to let a breeze in, you'd let all the bugs in as well. Egad. Well, at least it looks like your weather's about to get cooler.


KJT said...

Cooler and much wetter. I'm am no longer inelegant from the heat. Officially...