09 August 2008

Beer Bike

"When I read about the evils of drinking, I gave up reading."
- Henny Youngman, American comedian (1906-1998)

So, for the cover of our latest parts and accessories catalog at work, I used a riff off of a great pacific northwest tradition, Rainier beer. I took the iconic Rainier logo and "Raleigh-ized" it, placed it on a die-line for a 12-pack box, printed it out & glued it together, and then staged the shot and had our photographer shoot the cover image. Our Raleigh marketing guy, BF, is a crazy single-speed bike nut (and true Rainier enthusiast) and he had our factory take the logo and use it on our latest single-speed cyclocross bike - producing a sweet limited edition (not for sale to the general public). We just got a couple frames in last week and they look super-cool. It's going to be a slick ride - he's racing it in the Cross Vegas race at Interbike next month. And we already know which post-race beers will be the perfect accompaniment.
KJT - Seattle (2008) That last pic is by BF...


Mikey said...

Dear Mr. KJT-

I live over here in Belleuve and I like to wear my Rainier Beer jersey out on the road. It's made by Primal and my wofe bought it at REI. It would look very cool with that 'cross bike!


Lazy Lowrydr said...

Bitches....always keeping the sweet stuff just for yourselves.
And that is a really sweet ride.