22 August 2008

Shootin' in the Rain

"Upon us all, a little rain must fall..."
- Led Zeppelin, "The Rain Song" (1973)

Had to set up a photoshoot for our new waterproof bike bags and panniers. Obviously, to show that they're waterproof we wanted to shoot in the rain. After waiting for a week and a half, the weather reports finally looked favorable this week. Wednesday seemed to have the best outlook, with 80% chance of precipitation.

Our Raleigh marketing guy, BF, and I drove up to Seattle to meet our photographer and the "talent" (one of BFs biking buddies) at Bauhaus Coffee on Capitol Hill. Of course, when we got up to the shop there was no rain, and the clouds were actually breaking up. We decided to have lunch (Six Arms Pub - delish!) and wait to see what would happen with the weather.

Long story short, no rain so we decided to find some puddles to ride through. Problem two: no puddles. We drove around for a while, trying every place in the city we knew where there were always puddles - no dice. Then the sun came out and we had blue skies. This wasn't working out the way I'd planned. We went down to the industrial district and finally found some nice big puddles under some shady trees (so you couldn't see the beautiful blue sky and sunshine) near the stadium. We had the "talent" ride through the puddles for a while and slowly the clouds started building. After a bit we felt some sprinkles. Then it started coming down. Seattle didn't let us down after all. We shot in a few different locations near the stadiums and in Pioneer Square, got some great shots, all got somewhat soaked, and then called it a day after a few hours. I'll post some of the ads when I get them finished. 
KJT - Seattle (2008)

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