15 July 2008

Puppy Malaise, continued

"They fancied themselves free, and no one will ever be free 
so long as there are pestilences."
- Albert Camus, "The Plague" (1947)

Still a mystery as to what ails poor Kaiser. We've taken him in for acupuncture treatments and chiropractic treatments. They seem to make him feel better, but only for a while. He's had several rounds of x-rays and physicals and he's been on one antibiotic or another for over a month and still has a fever. He's even taking pills to help 
his Qi ("Chee") — I shit you not. He can hardly use his left hind leg at all now, it just hangs limp. He doesn't have much interest in eating and he's lost quite a bit of weight. He hobbles around and mostly lies under the coffee table and sighs occasionally. Our doctor is going to consult with a specialist and we will probably then take him to one here in Seattle, or one in Pullman in eastern Washington. Although nothing has shown up so far on the x-rays, we're beginning to worry about cancer. So far the doctors are as baffled as we are.
KJT - Seattle (2008) Kaiser getting acupuncture, notice needles in lower picture

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Hope you get an answer soon.