21 November 2008

Fat Roll

"Look at that belly, slippin' over the edge...
Is that my belly, slippin' over the edge?"
- Wordblender, "Fat Roll" (2007)

Some good friends of mine have a unique music/spoken word collective that they call "Wordblender." It's a strange conglomeration of rock, funk, soul, alternative, dark poetry, a little metal, a pinch of a psychedelia, a whiff of latin jazz... it's a strange beast - a madcap whirlwind of trumpet, guitar, keyboards, bongos, shakers, bass, drums, percussion, saxophone, and flute...

I've done quite a bit of the artwork for Wordblender, from creating their logos, to working on most of their album covers, show posters, stickers, etc.

Their sound can be somewhat of an acquired taste - but I love it. I've been jamming it all day at work today, and thought I'd share one of my favorite songs with you.

The above 'video' (and I use that term extremely loosely - as it is more just a mish-mash of images I threw together quickly to go with the song) is for the tune "Fat Roll" off of their 2007 release, Anatomy. That disc and another, is available on iTunes, and all five of their albums are available through CD Baby.com - in fact 'Anatomy' is only $5.00 right now - for 17 songs!

So if you want to support some independent art & music, 
here's your chance. 
If you just want to listen to some groovy Seattle nuttiness, 
click the above video.

Behold, the madness of Wordblender...

And let me know what you think in the comments below.
KJT - Seattle (2008)


bleakzone said...

The Nuge once gave birth to a song called "Thunder Thighs".

mighty jo said...

im glad i wasn't eating while watching that video--yikes! i like your art work. & wordblender was pretty cool too. i find that it is the lyrics that attract me to a song or a band. but ive never really listened to a spoken word style--i think its time i should start. thanks.

cae said...

These guys're great. I'm not a fan of spoken word stuff, typically but wordblender rises above the typical; the groove remains.

Lara said...

Very nice work on the video.

I'll have to check out more Wordblender. Do you get a commission?

: )

KJT said...

Ha! At this point I doubt they're making enough from their music to be giving people commissions... It's just for the love of the groove and the shake of the hip.

Anonymous said...

Loved it!