15 November 2008


"An unjust law is itself a species of violence."
- Mohandas K. Gandhi, Indian political and spiritual leader (1869-1948)

Decided to exercise my right of free speech and of assembly today, along with roughly 3,000 other people. We all met up at Volunteer Park in Seattle and then marched downtown. Part of nationwide protests against marriage inequality measures, and specifically the passing of Proposition 8 in California, Proposition 102 in Arizona, the Anti-Gay Marriage Bill in Florida, and the limiting of adoptions and foster care to people who are 'legally married' in Arkansas. 

I still have many gay friends from my time working at the Broadway Grill and Coastal Kitchen, and it pains me that we would pass laws denying them any of the same rights we 'breeders' have. 
It still surprises me in this day and age that some people are so scared/angry/bigoted when someone doesn't pray, love, look, or live the same way they do.

The election of Obama to the presidency was a huge step in the right direction, but the passing of these other measures shows how far we still must go.

Equality. For all.
- KJT, Seattle (2008)
(That third picture of the crowds downtown by Darrell Seeger.)


cae said...

Only 3,000? I'm surprised. Was the weather crappy?

KJT said...

Weather was great - surprised me too...