18 November 2008

Simple Pleasures, part 2

“Lots of times I feel like I don't belong to this place.”
- Jeff Buckley, American singer, songwriter, musician (1966-1997)

Simple pleasures: awake in the still and the dark of a cold November morning. A melancholy morning - but in that good, haunting way. A warm, strong espresso and a bit of dark chocolate at my hand. The dogs curled up next to me on the couch. Outside the window, low fog tendrils creep amidst the naked branches and forlorn street lights. Excited & anxious about impending fatherhood. Jeff Buckley's other-worldly, heartbreakingly beautiful cover of The Smith's "I Know It's Over" washing over me. So glad to be alive at this instant that it hurts.

KJT - Seattle (2008)
(Buckley picture from his website)

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