07 December 2008

BOOM - A Long Walk...

"Edamame, 'The Wonder Veggie' is a complete protein containing all nine essential Amino Acids. Edamame is the only vegetable that offers a complete protein profile equal to both meat and eggs in its protein content. Edamame is rich in calcium, iron, zinc, and many of the B vitamins. Edamame is also the richest dietary source of isoflavones, which act as Phytoestrogens that may help protect against cancer, osteoporosis and menopause."
- from the web

Attended two (count 'em, two) movies today. Went to the 1:00pm showing of "Milk" at the Egyptian with Stacie. Amazing film. Great acting, great writing, great movie. Go see it. Gay rights now!

Later in the evening, made plans to meet my German friend GB for the 8:00pm showing of "Quantum of Solace," the new James Bond flick. I had planned on taking the bus, but as soon as I stepped out of my door I saw the #2 glide past and sail down Union. Somewhat annoyed I began walking down the hill, thinking I'd either hail the first cab, or catch the next bus that passed. Well, that wasn't to be and after walking for 45 minutes I turned the corner on Pike and Broadway and caught the #49 down to the Pacific Place Mall. We met at Gordon Biersch Brewery, next to the theater, to toss back a couple before the movie. I'm not a fan of Gordon Biersch beers - they're all too sweet and they don't taste real to me. Unfinished, or ultra-sweetened, or something. Blech. I had to have a Jameson rocks to kill the taste of the beer.

The movie was great (although not as good as 'Casino Royale') and we learned the hard and fast truth about Daniel Craig's James Bond: You Don't Fuck With Bond. He'll kill yah without thinking about it twice. Multi-national criminal master-minds be warned.

After the movie I decided I needed to wash the sweet/nasty taste of the lingering Gordon Biersch blech out of my mouth, and so decided to walk up the hill from downtown to the Satellite Lounge on Capitol Hill. Drank a nice, cheap Pabst to wash the yetch away and then went back outside. Across the street was a relatively new Asian/Thai restaurant/bar called "Boom Noodle." A sign out front said "Happy Hour: 4-7 and 10-Close." Since it was comfortably in between "10" and "Close" I decided to stop in. I bellied up to the bar and perused the Happy Hour menu. I ordered a Sapporo Sake Bomber (a tall glass of Sapporo beer with a sake shooter to dunk into it) and pork gyoza. I then noticed an appetizer that the fellow next to me was eating. I inquired about it, and was informed that it was an edamame puree (which they called a hummus) with taro root chips and marinated cucumbers and Japanese eggplant. This sounded absolutely heavenly to me and I immediately ordered one, along with some hot sake. I was astounded with the complex, yet wholesome flavors. The edamame hummus was like nothing I'd ever tried before, and the fried taro root chips were the perfect accompaniment. I commented on how much I loved the marinated Japanese eggplant, and when I ordered my second helping, the beautiful barkeep made sure I got extra (I think she was fishing for a bigger tip). It was a truly divine appetizer - and is now one of my top favorites in the whole city. I can't wait to go back.

Once settled with the tab, I made my way back up the hill toward home, with the thought of catching the bus at 12th for the journey back up to 32nd. At the bus stop I had to make a brief acquaintance with the bushes to relieve some of the sake. As I turned back around the #2 glided by once again. I couldn't believe it. Cursing I walked the rest of the way up the hill to 19th - once I was at 19th I was determined to walk the rest of the way home because a) I could see our house from the top of this hill, and b) I just had to walk downhill to 28th and then up a few blocks to 32nd and I was home - an easy half hour.

Just as I made it home, the wind picked up and a sputter of rain began. Visions of edamame hummus will lull me to sleep as the rain whips the windows.
KJT - Seattle (2008)


Lara said...

I wonder if it was the same driver both gliding times.

bleakzone said...

Let's meet at this place next time we take beers! And let's do that soon, dammit! Give me a shout when you're ready. Edamame-hummus, sake and beer = Glorious.

cae said...

Damn ye, y'bastard - I don't even know what you're on about. Let me latch onto your coattails like a parasite one of these days and you can drag me about Slimytown for one o'yer alcohol soaked, hippie gastronomic tours de farce - and I aint afeared of no walkin', neither.