13 December 2008

Simple Pleasures, part 3

"If you go to New Orleans,
You oughta go see the Mardi Gras..."
- Professor Longhair "Go to the Mardi Gras" (1959)

Simple pleasures: 
A leisurely Saturday morning with a strong, 
hot cup of French Press coffee & chicory, 
ordered and shipped in directly from 
Café du Monde in New Orleans.

The smell and taste take me right back 
to time spent in The Big Easy (link).

Playing some Professor Longhair to round out the mood.
The only thing missing are some beignets...

KJT - Seattle (2008)
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redwithenvy said...

did you ever eat at lucilles? friends say the chicory ruled, but i was never a fan. their buttermilk biscuits and rhubarb jam were the best.

KJT said...

I ate there w/ my mom last time I was in the Fort - we both had the chicory coffee. And beignets. And red beans & rice. And collared greens. (Yum.)