20 December 2008

Sorel Weather

"I'm looking California,
And feeling Minnesota."

- Soundgarden, "Outshined" (1991)

With apologies to Soundgarden, I'm feeling Colorado. And I love it.

We've been socked with some unusual winter weather the last week or so up here in Seattle. We hardly get but a few dustings of snow each season, but this year has already been exceptional. Two things I brought with me when I moved here from Colorado in 1996 that I haven't had much use for are the 4-wheel drive option in my pickup, and my Sorel boots. Both have been getting a workout lately.

One thing for sure, it's a good thing it doesn't snow much, because the people out here cannot drive in it. Damn flatlanders. Even those people with 4-wheel or all-wheel drive seem to be creeping along at 2 miles an hour. On the flats.

C'mon people, I realize you bought that big 4x4 SUV as a status symbol, and the closest you've come to driving it off-road is up Queen Anne hill in the summer, but please... at least get the hell out of my way.

Other than that minor annoyance - I love this weather. And the dogs love it too. Been taking them on super long walks through the neighborhood and through the wooded trails in Seward Park on Lake Washington - just a few miles from our house. They go crazy. Here's a brief video of them romping through the park a couple days ago...

And we're getting socked with another storm as I type this. Maybe 3 to 8 inches in Seattle tonight. We've already got almost 2 inches of new powder at our house so far and the dogs are going nuts chasing each other around the backyard.

Definitely makes me feel like Colorado - but sure gives me a warm California smile.
KJT - Seattle (2008)


cae said...

I hear you - I'm surrounded by people frightened and annoyed while I'm thinking to myself: wow, it's almost like a real winter. Yay!

Lara said...


KJT said...

So the final tally for this latest storm is a total of 8 inches at our house... and then a bit of freezing rain on top to solidify everything... good times!

redwithenvy said...

i feel nostalgic. but still have no desire to shovel snow.

i will tell you one thing: flatlanders for sure wouldn't be comfortable enough to videotape while driving. go KEV!

KJT said...

Yeah, probably not my smartest moment - but there was absolutely no one out there except for a few cross country skiers.

Still, how much of an ass would I have felt if I actually filmed myself getting in a wreck?

I would have truly been the Mayor of Clownville.