09 December 2008

Ummm... What?

“Life isn't weird: it's just the people in it.”
- Unknown

This is, uh, weird. 

So say you're shopping in the mall (not that you should ever be in a mall, but for the sake of argument, you're shopping in the mall) and it becomes apparent that you really need to go. And not just numero uno. You need to jettison the horses (probably all the edamame hummus...) but you've got the kid with you. What do you do?

Well, here is the answer to what I can only guess must have been a burning question for parents down through the years (well, at least since malls have been around): The Baby Hanger.

Is this really the kind of stuff I'm going to have to worry about in seven months?!? God help us.
Tip & pic came from Sullivan's blog, linking here to Book of Joe.
KJT - Seattle (2008)


cae said...

Wow. This problem never came up for me. If it had, there was always another alternative.

I mean, you're carrying diapers, aren't you?

(ironically, the captcha below is opining: "caterspu," which is, essentially, what you'd be doing ...)

KJT said...

I dunno Corey, that depends...

"Depends" get it? Depends. Adult undergarments?
Oh snap!

All these out of work comedians, and I'm giving this stuff away for free...

cae said...

"You're soaking in it."

dev said...

"jettison the horses"???!!!! damn!! that's f'ing awesome! and i thought blowing mud was bad.

mighty jo said...

since im against hauling my kid around in a carseat insert carrier thingy & the only stroller i have is a jog stroller--i actually have found myself in a situation where i have to go & have no place to set my baby. i would use a baby hanger.